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Session 5: Shock

28 Oct
Shock: Social Science Fiction

Tuesday, November 1
6524 NE Flanders St.

Shock: Social Science Fiction by Joshua A. C. Newman is, according to their website: “a fiction game of culture and future shock. Based on the works of Bruce Sterling, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Philip K. Dick, the game pushes the players to make stories that matter to them — stories about politics, philosophy, love, and death.”All you will need – and everybody will need one – is an issue that makes you happy, sad, angry, excited, whatever. It needs to be something that resonates with you. This could be something from current events, a recent scientific discovery, or just about anything else. As long as it matters to you, it’s good.

Support our Friends at Zakelro!

27 Oct

If you enjoyed playing Bhaloidam, are curious about it, or simply have money shooting out of your ears (a serious problem, mind you), there’s still a little time left to support the game on Kickstarter!

The project is a mere $4000 from its $27,900 goal, and at the rate people are pledging, we think it’s got a chance!

Session 4: Bhaloidam

22 Oct


Sunday, October 23
Location: 6524 NE Flanders St.

Bhaloidam was just so fun that we’re going to play it again! If you missed the first one (or even if you didn’t), join us for another session of this collaborative storytelling game.

Read more info on the game here.

Session 3: Bhaloidam

3 Oct


Tuesday, October 4
Location: 6524 NE Flanders St.

RSGpdx will get a preview of Bhaloidam, an indie tabletop storytelling game forthcoming from Zakelro! Game Designer Corvus Elrod will be there to run the game, so this will be a great opportunity.

Read more info on the game here.