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Session 7: Time & Temp

22 Nov
a shattered hourglass

Time & Temp is a game about time travel and under employment.

Employed by Marigold Staffing and working at Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., you travel through the ages actualizing solutions for the anomalies and paradoxes that threaten all of existence. You are reality’s only line of defense in the war between the rigidity of causality and freewill. And your only reward is the hard earned satisfaction of a job well done (plus $11.50 an hour and a modest health package including comprehensive immunizations for history’s most prolific diseases).

Join now and help make anachronism a thing of the past!

(from Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing)

Tuesday, December 6
Location TBD


Session 6: In a Wicked Age. . .

3 Nov
In a Wicked Age. . .
. . .Gods, demons and mortals contend with one another for power. . .
. . .Law and civilization are new, and no one is their master. . .
. . .A simple midwife can set in motion the downfall of tyrants and great empires. . .
. . .Your birth is not yours to choose, but your fate is what you make it.

(from the back cover)

Sunday, November 20
6524 NE Flanders St.

In a Wicked Age is a sword & sorcery role-playing game by D. Vincent Baker (maker of Dogs in

the Vineyard and Apocalypse World). The game is thematically influenced by Indo-Persian antiquity.

This game has simple rules, and will be easy to pick up. For more information, visit Baker’s site.