Session 6: In a Wicked Age. . .

3 Nov
In a Wicked Age. . .
. . .Gods, demons and mortals contend with one another for power. . .
. . .Law and civilization are new, and no one is their master. . .
. . .A simple midwife can set in motion the downfall of tyrants and great empires. . .
. . .Your birth is not yours to choose, but your fate is what you make it.

(from the back cover)

Sunday, November 20
6524 NE Flanders St.

In a Wicked Age is a sword & sorcery role-playing game by D. Vincent Baker (maker of Dogs in

the Vineyard and Apocalypse World). The game is thematically influenced by Indo-Persian antiquity.

This game has simple rules, and will be easy to pick up. For more information, visit Baker’s site.


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