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Indie Hurricane at Gamestorm!

20 Feb

Game Storm PosterGet your fix of indie games from the Indie Hurricane at GameStorm! It’s a great way to try out new games and meet gamers & designers.  Check it out!


Session 13: The Dreaming Crucible with Joel Schempert

18 Feb
Cover Art for Dreaming Crucible

(Cover art by Erin Kelso)

Tuesday, February 28
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Growing up is trauma. Maturity is bought with blood. You will find it – in a land where magic dwells and enchantment rules. Have you bravery enough to wrestle with demons? Wisdom enough to resist beguilement? Nerve enough to grow up?

The Dreaming Crucible is a storytelling game of youthful pain, adolescent transformation and Faery Quests both Beautiful and Terrible, by Joel P. Shempert.

Joel ShempertWe’re pleased to announce that Joel P. Shempert himself will be joining us. Truly, this is an unmissable opportunity to play one of the most penetrating and poignant story games around!

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