XP: Kingdom

20 Jun

Kingdom has got to be one of my favorite games. In my top five for sure. Usually these XP posts end up being critical and improvement seeking. But this one is going to be me gushing about Kingdom for several paragraphs.


Everything is so easy. In character creation you simply answer a few questions about who the character is and what it is they do. Building the characters builds the setting effortlessly. Everything you need for your character can be recorded on an index card.

Even the Roles are easy. Kingdom does not rely much on tactile mechanics such as dice rolls, but instead it gives each player incomplete authority over the Kingdom as a whole. The different roles interact is a very intuitive fashion, and the interplay between these Roles is all the mechanics this game really needs.

Each player can ask a question about the Kingdom’s future via Crossroads. So like, you get to explore the most interesting stuff.

The Arbiter function, which is a quasi-minimalist GM sort of thing, passes around the table. So there is no real way to know who will be Arbitrating when and if that comes up. It’s always a surprise, and it again helps get each player’s input on the Kingdom out in the open.

Though there are no mechanical details to make it so, the tension found in the Crossroads and Crisis naturally bring everything to a boil and the consequences are felt hard.

Stealing Roles is just awesome. In out game the Kingdom was Heaven, and I, playing Archangel Michael actually stole Power (the Role) away from God. Beyond epic.

Kingdom reminds me of Fiasco. I like to be reminded of Fiasco. It’s probably the open ended scene framing and the almost total lack of situational mechanics.


I would like to see the game manage to do away with the scant d6 rolls. They are used in only a few specific situations, but the game would be more pure in my mind without them.

The text is still a work in progress, so it’s understandable that there are some minor issues to be resolved there. I really appreciate the accessibility of Microscope’s text, and I hope that Kingdom will follow suit.

Keep your eyes peeled for Kingdom. You have got to play this. There is not a soon enough!

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