A Few Announcements

14 Oct

There have been some changes to this blog. Would you look at that!

Got rid of some useless crap, added a few things I’ve wanted to add for a while. Namely, the Tools section in the navigation bar above. Check it out!

I also recently changed up the facebook side of things. If you want to be involved there (it’s where all the action is right now, I must say) then you want to hit up the page and/or the group. I’m phasing out the profile. Kinda got stuck with that a while back, and I’m glad to finally leave it. So ignore the profile. It’s not long for this world.

There are a few XP’s coming soon. Swear! I was absent for the 10/9 Remember Tomorrow and World of Dungeons session though, so we’ll just have to skip that one. Sorry


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