RSGpdx presents Ladies’ Night!

30 Oct

6pm – 10pm
Wednesday, November 14
The Green Dragon Bistro & Brew Pub
928 SE 9th Ave

No boys allowed! Let’s share a pitcher of beer, enjoy each others’ company, and play quick, easy-to-learn, story-based role playing games (by female designers!) in a welcoming environment.

If you are a seasoned role-player and/or story-gamer, you are more than welcome, and please let me know if you might like to help facilitate, either at this first game night or sometime in the future.

If you are intrigued by RPGs and/or story games, but have had your doubts about jumping in to an established group (espe

cially one that — let’s face it — is sort of dominated by dudes), you are SUPER DUPER EXTRA welcome. These games take no more than a few minutes to learn, play within a couple of hours, and focus on story rather than rules.

This inaugural Ladies Night will feature PSI*RUN by Meguey Baker. Here’s how the author herself introduces the game:

“…. Moments ago, you broke free. Now you are struggling to remain free long enough to piece together your own past. You have amazing powers that can help you survive, but those same powers carry the risk of disaster. And the people chasing you? They’ll stop at nothing to get you back.” More about Psi*Run here:

Story games are a little bit like board games, and a lot like grown-up versions of the “let’s pretend” games you probably played as a child. Above all, They are about TELLING A STORY TOGETHER. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s not about making the best character or mastering the rules. It’s about CREATING something together and HAVING FUN. Come check it out!

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