Session 31: Motobushido, Don’t Rest Your Head, Annalise

31 Oct

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, November 6
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Once more, while the kickstarter is still live! If you missed it the first time, here’s your chance!

Motobushido is a tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death – all part of the Motorcycle Samurai lifestyle. In this game, you and a group of your friends play a pack of motorcycle-riding samurai in the years after a great war ravaged the land – a war that your side lost. As motobushi you travel a hostile world that rejects your ideals, and tell the stories of your trials

and adventures.

Nathanael Cole, designer of Motobushido will be running the session! Don’t miss it!

Learn more at, and support the kickstarter too!

Don’t Rest Your Head:
You can’t sleep. It started like that for all of us, back when we were garden variety insomniacs. Maybe you had nightmares (God knows we all do now), or maybe you just had problems that wouldn’t let you sleep. Hell, maybe you were just over-caffeinated. But then something clicked.

That was when you took a long walk down the streets of the Mad City, stopped being a Sleeper, and started being Awake. But that click you heard wasn’t from the secret world snapping into place. It was the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the safety and pointing a gun at your head.

They can smell you. The Paper Boys are closing in, and you’d better pray you don’t become a headline. You’re chum in the water, my friend, and it’s time you got ready for it… before the clock chimes thirteen again. Now that you’re one of us, there’s just one simple rule left that must dominate your life.

Stay Awake. Don’t Rest Your Head.

Don’t Rest Your Head is a sleek, dangerous little game, where your players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting — and using — exhaustion and madness to stay alive, and awake for just one more night, in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City. It features its own system, and is contained entirely within one book.

Dare to look?

Annalise is a game for making Gothic horror stories. You and your friends take on the roles of a shadowy creatures lovers, allies and enemies. What is watching you from the darkness? Why is is attracted to you? How will the story end? Answer these questions for yourself with this game of pain, hunger and redemption.

Annalise is a no-prep, GMless table-top roleplaying game for 2-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a protagonist in a Gothic horror story – a creature, whether a literal or metaphorical Vampire – is the central pivot around which your characters revolve, and the rules of the game guide you in discovering its’ nature and eventually confronting it. The game is designed for short-to-medium turn play (3-6 session), but one-shot and convention play is facilitated by the included Guided Play Scenarios.

At it’s most basic, Annalise is a game about making Vampire stories. The rules of the game guide you and your friends in telling a story revolving around sympathetic characters of your own creation. These characters are tied together by the malevolent creature, lurking in the shadows and biding it’s time. Why is it so attracted? What does it want? How will you stop it?

To compare it to a story you probably know, in this game you would take on the roles of Mina Harker, Van Helsing and Renfield as they struggle against Dracula. Each of these characters has a unique relationship with the Vampire – Mina is the object of it’s desire, Van Helsing is hunting it, and Renfield is it’s willing servant. But Dracula is the catalyst of the story, not the center of it; the book is about these protagonists, not about the creature.

Can’t resist?

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