Session 32: Don’t Rest Your Head, Slammin’/Keep It Sunny, Perfect Unrevised

7 Nov

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, November 20
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Don’t Rest Your Head:
You can’t sleep. It started like that for all of us, back when we were garden variety insomniacs. Maybe you had nightmares (God knows we all do now), or maybe you just had problems that wouldn’t let you sleep. Hell, maybe you were just over-caffeinated. But then something clicked.

That was when you took a long walk down the streets of the Mad City, stopped being a Sleeper, and started being Awake. But that click you heard wasn’t from the secret world snapping into place. It was the sound of the Nightmares flicking off the safety and pointing a gun at your head.

They can smell you. The Paper Boys are closing in, and you’d better pray you don’t become a headline. You’re chum in the water, my friend, and it’s time you got ready for it… before the clock chimes thirteen again. Now that you’re one of us, there’s just one simple rule left that must dominate your life.

Stay Awake. Don’t Rest Your Head.

Don’t Rest Your Head is a sleek, dangerous little game, where your players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting — and using — exhaustion and madness to stay alive, and awake for just one more night, in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City. It features its own system, and is contained entirely within one book.

Dare to look?

This is a ridiculous hipster sex comedy dice / story / party game. You don’t know how to play? I’ve known for a while now, like, since before it was cool. It’s a turn based monologuing players-roll-dice-against-one-another and add-to-their-character’s-appearance-and-hobbies-while-describing-what-they-did-today kinda game. No biggie.

You’ll like it if you like making fun of hipsters, things that hipsters like, joking about sex, talking about sex, rolling dice and making up weirdly specific things.

Can you dig?

Keep It Sunny:
Keep It Sunny is a little game that I wrote in homage to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It takes about 45 minutes to play. Each player takes on the role of one of the characters in the show, and together you play out an episode that never was.

Tune in at

Perfect, Unrevised:
This society is perfect. Except for you.

Perfect, Unrevised is a game about criminals within a Dystopian society. It’s about what makes them tick, the crimes they commit, the goals they strive for, and the persecution they may well face.

You’ll like this game if: you want to fight the man (but understand that it might hurt), you adore the rebel spirit, you like intensely antagonistic games, you want to tell stories about mindfucking hypnotists, you want to tell stories about secret societies, you want a rigidly-structured game.

Pull back the curtain


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