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Session 35: Fiasco and Dust Devils

20 Dec

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, January 1
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Fiasco is an award-winning, GM-less game for 3-5 players, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation. During a game you will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. It’s like making your own Coen brothers movie, in about the same amount of time it’d take to watch one.

Or, that is what it would be, but this time around we’ll be trying a new playset that strives to set a different tone.

As the turn of the 20th century approaches, the Western world is rife with contradictions. A drive towards modernity clashes with a fierce traditionalism. Despite an outwardly prudish culture, brothels and opium dens are easily accessible. Class and racial tensions strain to the breaking point. Artists and eccentrics insist on pushing the limits,
even as strict laws and restrictive morality insist that they get back in line. Modern medicine is in the midst of violent birth pains, and many patients – especially the mentally ill – suffer the consequences. Life in the city is as grand as it is gritty, as terrible as it is beautiful. In this environment of infinite possibility and deep anxiety, such fantasies as
black magic, lurking monsters, wondrous inventions, and twisted experiments seem almost plausible, and perhaps even seductive. The world is changing fast, and nothing is as it seems.

Pull the trigger:

Dust Devils Revenged:

“Shoot or give up the gun.” In Dust Devils Revenged you tell stories of the lives and struggles of folk on the frontier. Will they be consumed by their personal demons or will they find redemption?

Dust Devils, the Indie RPG Game of the Year 2002, is back with a vengeance. Relive the toughest moments of the Old West in this acclaimed game. This “Revenged” edition is the latest and greatest version of one of the most highly respected Western RPGs.

Use this book with playing cards and poker chips to create your own exciting, powerful stories in the spirit of the Western.

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Session 34: Silver & White, Project Ninja Panda Taco, The Quiet Year, Solipsist

17 Dec

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, December 18
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Silver & White:
Four suburban teenagers encounter the mystery that will shape their lives. They explore, and each time they touch, we players exchange cards. For them a few days, for us a few hours. We make up a story together, our invented truths springing from the cards we hold; and they step into the unknown, pausing at every awkward touch, hopeful despite everything to come.

This story is about personal change. It expects to be played by people who want to experience vicarious transformation, and hopes to help those people reach into themselves and connect with feelings of uncertainty, longing, and exhilaration. It is slow, and careful; and fast and reckless. It is about feeling powerless and then encountering possibilities. It is about questions, and the mystery.

This game provides a framework for telling a story with each other. You get a rich starting situation to jump off from, and the tools to navigate shared and improvised story creation. You get to walk around in an imaginary person’s shoes and see what parts of yourself shine through. You get to watch your friends speak as other people. You get to honestly pretend to be a teenager, make up cool stuff, and hear your friends tell what they imagine.

Questions follow:

Project Ninja Panda Taco:
Project Ninja Panda Taco is a game where you get to play a Mastermind trying to take over the world. Along the way, you’ll compete as a Nemesis against other Masterminds and as a Minion who loves to help, while receiving rewards for their hard work. This is the first game from Jennisodes Inc, and we are proud to present Project Ninja Panda Taco.

Conspire here:

The Quiet Year
The Quiet Year:
For a long time, we were at war with The Jackals. But now, we’ve driven them off, and we have this – a year of relative peace. One quiet year, with which to build our community up and learn once again how to work together. Come Winter, the Frost Shepherds will arrive and we might not survive beyond that. But we don’t know about that yet. What we know is that right now, in this moment, there is an opportunity to build something. The Quiet Year is a map game. You define the struggles of a post-apocalyptic community, and attempt to build something good within their quiet year. Every decision and every action is set against a backdrop of dwindling time and rising concern.

And now:

A Solipsist is a human with the power to change reality with a thought, by manipulating the animacules, invisible microscopic creatures that create the stuff of reality from their own motions. So long as the change the Solipsist desires fits with their own selfish view of the universe, and they desire it enough to stir the animacules into a response, they can do anything!

Most Solipsists quickly burn themselves out, or vanish into realities of their own desires, but a few, the balanced Solipsists which the game focuses on, walk a fine line between their own obsessions and the things they value in the consensus world.

It is these few Solipsists, struggling with the nature of their own being and the challenge of caring about reality when reality does not exist, who alone stand between the rest of us and the Shadows, a corrupting force of un-making that seek to unravel the universe. Without the Solipsists to rebind the tears that the Shadows leave in reality all things would soon descend into a chaos of non-causality and un-being.

They are unlikely saviours, but they are the best we have.

Solipsist is a diceless story driven game focusing on the conflicts between the character’s obsessions and their limitations as they struggle to come to terms with themselves and to resist the Shadow. Solipsist has only one core mechanic, modeling the Solipsist’s ability to change reality with a thought. Solipsist characters are described in terms of their Vision, the ideal world they want to live in, Obsessions, the things about their Vision which draw them most, and Limitations, the things that hold them back from achieving their desires.

Find your vision:

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Session 33: Our Last Best Hope, They Became Flesh, Time & Temp

3 Dec

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, December 4
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

Our Last Best Hope
Our Last Best Hope:
A comet the size of Texas is on a collision course with Earth. The sun is aging exponentially fast, threatening to going supernova. The planet’s core has suddenly stopped spinning. And the only hope for the salvation of humanity rests in the capable hands of you and your team. Are you willing to risk it all and pay the ultimate price to save our world?

During the game, you and your friends will play through a classic disaster movie, like Sunshine, Deep Impact, The Core, or Armageddon, where your characters are the stars. Each game is unique, as your group confronts a new Crisis with a new set of characters and a new plan to save the Earth.

The fate of our planet depends upon you. Do you have what it takes to save us?

Be brave:

They Became Flesh
They Became Flesh:
They Became Flesh is a game about fallen angels, just after the fall. It is a game with two Game Masters, who control God and Humanity while players take on the roles of the Fallen— angels who loved humankind best and were punished by God for defending Adam and Eve. The Fallen are pushed and manipulated by God and Humanity, and every action leads them to one of three options: forsaking humanity and the Fallen to become Angels, forsaking God to become human, or forsaking both in the name of brotherhood.

Submit to the great will:

Time & Temp
Time & Temp:
Employed by Marigold Staffing and working at Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., you travel through the ages actualizing solutions for the anomalies and paradoxes that threaten all of existence. You are reality’s only line of defense in the war between the rigidity of causality and freewill. And your only reward is the hard earned satisfaction of a job well done (plus $11.50 an hour and a modest health package including comprehensive immunizations for history’s most prolific diseases).

Join now and help make anachronism a thing of the past!

Apply today:

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