Session 38 V-Day Special: Bacchanal, Kim & Marshall, GxG, Princess Provocateur

9 Feb

6pm – 10pm
Tuesday, February 12
Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

This week we have something very special just for you. Since this sessions doesn’t quite fall on Valentine’s Day this year, the game do not quite feature romance. Instead, they focus on lust, dysfunction, and broken expectations. Three of these games are hot out of the oven Portland indie efforts, and have no pictures. Good thing these games don’t leave much to the imagination!

It is late summer in Puteoli, south of Rome, 61 A.D., when the city finds itself playing unexpected host to the god Bacchus. Caught up in the madness of wine, the citizens throw off their togas and mingle as equals with slaves and foreigners in a debased fervor. And your own plans for a hasty departure are lost to this decadence which separates you from the companion with whom you would travel.

Bacchanal is a game for adults and asks for a measure of trust from each player. Join in the debauchery ready to extend that trust and care.

Disrobe and dive in:

Kim & Marshall:
Kim & Marshall is a game about exploring the semi-fictional relationship between Marshall (Eminem) and Kim, his wife. It is about what happens to a relationship when broken tools are all you have to work with.

It’s a game for 3-4 players. One player will play Marshall, one will play Kim, and one or two players will play the Pressure, setting scenes and complicating the lives of K&M.

-Marshall’s player has powers to change what other people at the table say.
-Kim’s player has powers to force Marshall, the character, to do things in the fiction.
-The Pressure players have power to force Kim & Marshall into difficult situations.

The story of Kim & Marshal can be emotionally troubling. These are tough times for the struggling couple.

Call it like you see it:

Tomoe is a Freshman at the prestigious Atarashigawa Academy, an exclusive Catholic boarding school for girls. When she took her entrance exams, by some fluke the results were submitted to the wrong school – and despite the Academy’s rigorous standards, not only was she accepted, but she received a full scholarship as well! Her family wouldn’t let her pass up such an opportunity, and soon she found herself rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest and most influential young women in the country!

Tomoe’s outspokenness and common upbringing haven’t earned her many friends, and nothing ruffles the feathers of the elite cliques more than when she unintentionally caught the attention of the Academy’s Senior Roses: Hirose, the wealthy heiress to the Tanimura Corporation; Rei, the dashing star of the school tennis team; and Chitose, the enigmatic student council president.

As her Seniors vie for her affection, Tomoe finds herself torn between them as old rivalries are exposed and grudges flare up. Will Tomoe be able to make any lasting friendships, much less fall in love? Help guide her through three outings to see if romance will blossom!

Did you hear:

Princess Provocateur:
Since ancient times, demonic overlords and megalomaniacal wizards have kidnapped princesses to further their nefarious plots, hiding them away in trapped towers, mysterious mazes, or dangerous dungeons. When all hope seemed lost, a hero would appear to defeat the villain and win glory, wealth, and the heart of the princess…it was tradition, after all.

Well, you know what? Tradition stinks. Here you are, stuck in a dank cell with a few other princesses, sitting on moldy straw in cold, unsanitary conditions, awaiting some foolhardy, so-called “hero,” who for all you know may already by dead! Besides which, you and the other princesses aren’t so keen on being treated as a prize.

You aren’t the princesses of yore – each of you is capable in your own right. You don’t need a hero to save the day. Most of these guards look like pushovers, anyway. If a barbarian, a kid with a funny hat, or a pair of mustachioed plumbers can defeat a villain, why can’t a bunch of princesses who have been schooled in fencing,
problem-solving, and leadership?

Time to kick tradition in the butt.

A new fairy tale begins:

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One Response to “Session 38 V-Day Special: Bacchanal, Kim & Marshall, GxG, Princess Provocateur”

  1. Juan Alvarado February 12, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    Yea, seen you guys at the table and was like ‘What system is that?’
    Now I know and knowing is half that battle.
    Dice in wine glasses though….what was up with that?

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