Open Play 42: Golden Sky Stories, Bhaloidam, They Became Flesh

3 Apr

6pm – 10pm

Tuesday, April 9

Guardian Games

303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

The Breakdown
6:00pm – Chit chat, socialize, make merry.
6:10pm – Introduce the games and facilitators, facilitators will have the sign up sheets.
6:15pm – Game on!
10:00pm – Any and and all who wish go out for drinks and/or banter, probably at the Green Dragon.

The Games
Golden Sky Stories:
Originally released in Japan in 2006, Golden Sky Stories is a uniquely heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game by Ryo Kamiya. In it players take on the role of henge, animals that have just a bit of magical power, including the ability to temporarily take human form.

It isn’t a game where you fight with others. It isn’t a game where you compete with others. It’s a game where everyone works together to create a story. If you can tell a good story, everyone wins, and if the story is boring, then everyone loses. That’s the kind of game this is.

The henge do not fight with weapons or magic. They don’t seek out or expose great secrets. They don’t save the world. They don’t earn money. Stories about henge are simpler, but every bit as important. They save people not through money or food, but with their hearts. Such stories are waiting for you in this town.
Bhaloidam – The Stranger:
Use Bhaloidam – a storytelling platform inspired by semiotics, Russian formalism, and commedia dell’arte – to tell a classic tale of The Stranger, a mysterious person of unknown background who arrives in a small town and upsets the balance of power. Using Bhaloidam’s imagery-rich game boards you’ll determine whether this story takes place in Feudal Japan, America’s Wild West, or someplace entirely new. You’ll also decide whether The Stranger is a hero or a villain, peaceful or violent, and fated to win or lose.
They Became Flesh
They Became Flesh:
The war in Heaven is over.

God’s forgiveness is uncertain. Humanity’s embrace is fickle. Peace among your kind is unlikely.

Many of the Fallen have been killed.

This is the story of those who are left.

They Became Flesh is a game about fallen angels, just after the fall. It is a game with two Game Masters, who control God and Humanity while players take on the roles of the Fallen— angels who loved humankind best and were punished by God for defending Adam and Eve. The Fallen are pushed and manipulated by God and Humanity, and every action leads them to one of three options: forsaking humanity and the Fallen to become Angels, forsaking God to become human, or forsaking both in the name of brotherhood.

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