Ladies’ Night – May!

7 May
5:45pm – 10pm
Wednesday, May 15
A&L Sports Pub
5933 Ne Glisan St
Welcome to a local gaming event organized and run BY women! If you identify as female, genderqueer, gender fluid, or as a gender minority, you are welcome to join our inclusive story-gaming community for Ladies’ Game Night events! All experience levels are more than welcome, from first time gamers to seasoned storytellers and roleplayers. If you are intrigued by RPGs and/or story games, but have had your doubts about jumping in to an established group or felt uncomfortable going to another organized gaming event, you are SUPER DUPER EXTRA welcome.

Story games are a little bit like board games, and a lot like grown-up versions of the “let’s pretend” games you probably played as a child. Above all, they are about TELLING A STORY TOGETHER. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s not about making the best character or mastering the rules, it’s about CREATING something together and HAVING FUN. These games take no more than a few minutes to learn, play within a couple of hours, and focus on story rather than rules. Come check it out! We’re always looking for more ladies to help facilitate, so shoot me a message or post below if you have a game you’d like to share!

Let’s drink good beer, eat good food, enjoy each others’ company, and play quick, easy-to-learn, story-based role playing games in a welcoming female-centered environment. The games don’t usually begin until 6:15 but feel free to join us for drinks and witty banter before hand. We’re at a 21+ venue this time.

What games are in store? Fi will be bringing four fun (and easy to learn and play) GM-less games to share: The Quiet Year, GxG, Project Ninja Panda Taco, and Hot Guys Making Out; more details on each of these to be posted below.

If you want more information on our policies and expectations, please read our Mission Statement here:

PS: If you got this invite and it’s not applicable to you, please do us a favor and tell all of your friends who might be interested in this event! Thanks!


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