Open Play 46: Nicotine Girls, Kobolds Ate My Baby, Out of the Blue

1 Jun

6pm – 10pm

Tuesday, June 4

Guardian Games

303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St

The drill:
6:00pm – Chit chat, socialize, make merry.
6:15pm – Introduce the games and facilitators, facilitators will have the sign up sheets. Then, game on!
10:00pm – Any and and all who wish go out for drinks and/or banter, at one of the nearby establishments. Let’s talk about it.

And for the games! We are expecting one or two more games, but so far we have…

Nicotine Girls:
Plain and simple, nicotine girls is a roleplaying game of teenage, lower-income girls looking for happiness. Each of you will play a girl with hopes, dreams, problems and fears. This will be a game about their chaotic and at times fair, but often totally unfair, lives.

You can find the complete rules through the link below.

Kobolds Ate My Baby:
It’s not your fault that Kobolds are gourmets. It’s not you fault that King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) is hungry. It’s not your fault that the tastiest thing a Kobold has ever eaten is sweet baby! And it’s defineatly, not your fault that Kobolds are the most incompetent, reckless, and accident prone race to ever crawl out of a cave. But it is your problem…

King Torg (All Hail King Torg!) needs you – yes, you – to go out to the nearby human town and bring back the freshest, tastiest, plumpest human babies you can find – or, the King will be eating you (and Kobold’s pretty darn tasty.)

Kobolds Ate My Baby! Super Deluxx Edition is the all new Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing Game! You and your friends take on the roles of Kobolds (short, furry cannon fodder with a penchant for gluttony and mayhem). Your mission is to raid towns and villages in search of the most delectable of Kobold treats – Babies! Along the way, you will learn forbidden magicks, face fearsome chickens, worship the Big Red God, die Random Horrible Deaths, and cook your friends for dinner!

buddy cop
Out of the Blue:
‘Out of The Blue’ is a game designed for three players, designed to emulate a classic “buddy cop” movie. One player takes on the role of the Veteran, another plays the Rogue, while the third takes on the role of the city and its people: The Beat. The cops have one week to solve the case and prove the Rogue’s capabilities, while making sure that the Veteran survives long enough to retire.

Ready, Set, Game PDX is brought to you by Play Out Loud. Play Out Loud serves Portland with spontaneous shared storytelling activities featuring non-mainstream games. Learn more at

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