Open Play 47: Kagematsu, Hollowpoint, Wushu Open, Bhaloidam

17 Jun

6pm – 10pm

Tuesday, June 18

Guardian Games

303 SE 3rd Ave at Pine St


I am sad to say that a long time member of our Community, Mark Wyler, will be leaving Portland at the end of this month. So, we are sending him off with style after the game. Even more reason to join us!


The drill:
6:00pm – Chit chat, socialize, make merry.
6:15pm – Introduce the games and facilitators, facilitators will have the sign up sheets. Then, game on!
9:30pm – Drinks at Belmont Station, one last hurrah for Mark.


And for the games!


Kagematsu takes place in Japan, 1472, in and around a small unnamed village. This period was known as the Onin no Ran, and it was a time of internal strife. Most of the village’s men have gone off to war, leaving the women, children, elderly, and infirm to fend for themselves. Now a dangerous threat casts its shadow over the village, and without a defender, its people are almost certainly doomed.

Enter Kagematsu, a wayward samurai fleeing a troubled past. Here is a defender, if only he can be swayed from his course. So it is that several young women conspire among themselves to win his affections…

One player (a woman, by the text’s demands) will portray Kagematsu, and the remainder will play the women who seek Kagematsu’s attentions.
Hollowpoint is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to you by the award-winning developers of Diaspora. It’s ideally suited to a single evening’s play and encourages regular character death because, hey, this shit’s dangerous.
Wushu Open:
Wushu Open is a game that would not take it anymore. A game that stood up against all these negative modifiers, penalty dice, fumbles and fun-killing limits. Here is a game that stood up. Wushu Open is not only able to cope with the wild over-the-top action of modern action movies, it encourages such stuff in a mechanical way. In this, Wushu Open is a rather generic game and rules set. You can as well apply it to western action as eastern action, military action, cartoon action, space action or whatever action.

Wushu Open is not about gear, character advancement, combat rounds, strategy, weapons, tactics, rules-lawyering, experience points, power-gaming, wound levels or fingernail-biting outcomes, that depend on a single die roll. And most of all it is not about emulating »realism« in role-playing games. Wushu Open doesn’t care about encumbrance, frost burn or falling damage, it deals with »realism« in the only way it knows, with reckless action. So really, it is about the fast moving action, man. It’s all about the action.
Bhaloidam “Super Dysfunctional”:
You’re a team of superheroes with a contract to protect Megaopolis. Sadly – between sky-high insurance premiums, inflated contractor budgets for repairing damages done by the team, and ever-increasing support-staff salaries – this highly-coveted contract barely covers operational expenses, let alone pays the supers a living wage. So, you’re forced to seek endorsements in order to live the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed. Unfortunately, in order to land the good endorsements, you must stand out as an exceptional member of your team.

So now, with Megaopolis under threat, you must balance working _with_ your team to fulfill your contract, while making sure you grab enough of the limelight to pay your mortgage next month.

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