About  Ready, Set, Game PDX

RSGpdx is a casual story gaming community in Portland, OR, where gamers can meet new people and explore different games and gaming styles without committing to a demanding or “full time” gaming schedule.

The idea is simple. Invite lots of gamers, and those who can show up do.

This format strongly favors games that can be picked up and played readily. Such games should require little to no preparation nor expensive books, tokens, figurines or other paraphernalia.

Many low-prep games are narrative-driven storytelling games and are independently published. When it comes down to it, these are the kinds of games RSGpdx is most interested in organizing. Many communities are already available for mainstream games like D20 or Dungeons & Dragons in the Portland area. If you are interested in mainstream or long-term games, we suggest you check out Portland RPG Gatherings or Portland Gamers.

About Our Gaming Philosophy

We believe that gaming at it’s core is a highly social activity. However, often times at an RSGpdx event you will be playing with people that may not know very well, or perhaps are complete strangers. This demands that we approach games with challenging subject matter with care. In order to do so we must have a means of both understanding and being under stood by all participants at the gaming table. If we do not understand one another then we cannot appropriately proceed with care. Therefore, cultivating this shared understanding is critical to a successful gaming experience.

At RSGpdx we have a specific set of tools to help ensure that the game space is safe and fully functional. See the Tools section for more information.

It is our hope we can provide and ensure a safe and functional gaming environment for all players even while addressing challenging content in game.


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