Q: “What kind of experience should I expect to have when playing with RSGpdx?”
That is a big question, and there’s no single answer, as our aim is to explore many games. You can expect to play games that have mature content and can fall into just about any genre of fiction. Under the right conditions, some of these games may even push your boundaries, exploring social, cultural and political themes.

Besides having fun, you may even learn something about yourself or the world around you. Toward this end, RSGpdx fully embraces the “I Will Not Abandon You” approach to gameplay. This term was coined by Meguey Baker and you can read more about it on her blog. Jesse Burneko explores these topics and others at great length on his blog Play Passionately, for those of you looking for some extended reading on the subject.

Additionally, Play Unsafe by Graham Walmsley offers some great advice on playing games off the cuff, which is very useful for the many low-prep or no-prep games suitable for RSGpdx.

See the Tools section for more commentary on these matters.

Q: “How can I participate?”
You can participate in a variety of ways. All you need to do to play is show up. If you want to facilitate or request  a game, contact us on Facebook or send an email to RSGpdx@gmail.com and we’ll help you set it up. Facilitating a game once does not commit you do doing so again, but neither does it guarantee that you will, nor that you will do so regularly. That said, as of right now we can always use more people willing to facilitate.

Q: “Do I need any skills, knowledge or experience to participate in RSGpdx?”
These are highly social games. You will have to be comfortable role-playing with people you may not know very well, and exploring social, cultural and political subject matter on which you and other players may strongly disagree. But that is part of the idea. RSGpdx aims to create a safe space where players can play new games with new people.

You do not need to know the rules to any of the games we play. We’ll learn them at the table before and during play.

Q: “What games does RSGpdx play?”
See links on the blog’s sidebar for games we play or plan to play.

This list is only the beginning. We are always open to adding new games to the list.

Q: “There is a certain game I want to play. Can we play it?”
Yes, as long as it requires little in terms of preparation and provides the kind of experience RSGpdx aims to deliver.

Q: “I’m in. When do we play?”
5pm every other Tuesday at Guardian Games (303 SE 3rd Ave). 

Q: “I can’t make those. I guess I’m out…”
Hold on, just a second there. First of all speak up. We want to know about this.

Second of all, you can get your story gaming fix at Go Play PDX and Go Play West. Check those guys out.

Q: “Can I bring my kids? What is the age range of the people I will be playing with?”
Due to the mature content and narrative nature of these games, RSGpdx is not suitable for children. We are not committing to a strict age limit, but these games are designed for and intended to be played by adults. Most role-playing games do a good job of conveying their content and level of maturity, and each session of play will hash out what is and is not appropriate content for a given group of players.

Q: “I have an idea!”
Let’s hear it. We don’t pretend to have thought of everything, and like you we want to see RPGpdx get better and better. Write us as RSGpdx@gmail.com.com.

Q: “What is expected of me as a participant? Are there rules and guidelines I need to follow?”

RSGpdx players adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Respect your fellow gamers and the game. Do not do anything that compromises another player’s experience of the game. If you cannot refrain from such behavior, anyone may ask you to leave for the session.

2. Our host, Guardian Games calls the shots. You are expected to respect the host, their space, and their rules. If you do not, the host may ask you to leave for the session.

3. You are responsible for your own stomach. Contribute your share for food, drinks, snacks, or (if appropriate) cash. It is a part of RSGpdx culture to bring snacks and food stuffs to share. You are encouraged, but not required to do so.

4. Do as you say. Make an effort to be good to your word. If you say you’re going to attend, do. If, nevertheless, you cannot do as you said you would, be upfront about it and say so right away. Some games require a minimum or maximum amount of players and last-minute cancellations or no-shows negatively affect everyone’s gaming experience.

Q: “I still have a question.”

For any other questions not answered here, feel free to contact a moderator at RSGpdx@gmail.com. Should the need ever arise, moderators will also handle any disputes between participants.


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